Saturday, March 3, 2012

Inexpensive Fabric Organization

A couple months ago I found this idea for fabric storage on Pinterest. I followed it to the blog it came from which lead me to a company that sells fabric storage plastic cards - very cool and innovative. Only problem - they are way expensive (around 2 dollars each). Especially if you have a ton of fabric to organize. So I put this idea on the back burner thinking it will probably never happen and my fabric will continue to sit on shelves in my sewing room about to topple over.

I wish I was writing this post saying that I finally did something about it and my problems are solved. But I didn't. I do know someone who figured out a solution though.

My sister organized all her fabric this week using comic book cards. She found the idea on this blog and this method costs only 10 CENTS EACH! She found the comic books cards in packs of 100 for $10 at a local comic book shop in Lansing, MI. She bought the "classic" comic book style rather than the current - classic cards are 10.5 inches tall (current are smaller). It took her a whole day to do this much, but I think she would agree it was worth it. Maybe I will get to mine this summer... She recommends that the work is completely worth it!

This method even works for scraps.
Approximately 230 comic book cards later...

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