Friday, January 27, 2012

Button Art

I made a variety of different button art projects for people for Christmas. The first one I made was for my niece Ava... I was inspired by the sparkle fabric I repurposed from a tote bag I had. (also seen in Wednesdays post as part of my Gallery Wall!)

I made an S for my niece Shelby, and an S for my sister in-law Sophie.

Finally, I made a big W for my brother and sister in-law "William and Wendy". This one took some tweaking before I liked it. I first just laid out the W and thought it was too boring - so I added brown borders to the canvas using painters tape and careful measuring.

Clearly I am obsessed with button art. Check out some of my other button art projects like The Tree of Life, Button H, Button Wreath, and Monogram Pillows.

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