Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentines Day Pillow

I have been wanting to make some quick and easy Valentine's Day projects and the other day I stumbled upon just the right inspiration. I get daily emails from Etsy that are filled with promos and products made or found by Etsy sellers... it is like a wealth of inspiration daily. The pillow that inspired me was in one of those emails, but of course I had to make it my own... a little more pink for me please! Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays because pink and glitter are everywhere, and I am truly in my element!

First I cut out heart shapes from hot pink felt. I just folded the felt in half and free-handed the shapes (years of making Valentines has honed this skill I guess). I started with a few medium sized hearts and added a few as I saw fit.

I used a piece of white almost denim-like fabric I already owned from Walmart to make the pillow . I didn't even measure how big I made it... I just cut out a rectangle. Then I pinned on my heart shapes after laying them out in an eye pleasing pattern.

Next I threaded my machine with matching pink thread, then sewed right down the middle of each heart. This part wasn't too hard... just aim and hope for the best. I switched back to white thread and sewed around the pillow (after putting right sides together) leaving an opening to stuff it.

It got pretty wrinkled when I right sided it out, but I think that was just because of the type of fabric. I ironed it a little, then stuffed it with fiber fill. Last step: whip stitching the hole closed.

I love the way the hearts can stick up a little to add texture and interest to the pillow.

And here is how the beauty looks on my bed. Perfect match!

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