Friday, January 6, 2012

Life Beyond Christmas

Taking down Christmas decorations is always a little depressing. Another Christmas over, time to move on and get back to work. This year I decided to keep out a select few Christmas ornaments to re-purpose them until Valentines day. My tree boasted many pink and silver sparkly ornaments this year, so it wasn't hard to find some that fit the V-day theme.  These sprigs of pink and glittery berries (right) were stuck in my tree this year. My mom gave me this beautiful vase for Christmas and I wasn't sure what I'd put in there.... until I took down the berry sprigs. I also filled a hurricane with pink and silver ornaments (I tried to point the top of the ornament toward the inside so they looked more like balls than ornaments), and I hung a few snowflake ornaments from my bedroom chandelier. Lastly, I hung snowflake ornaments, hand crocheted by my grandmother, from the curtain rod in the living room. I love that snowflake decorations can be used all winter.

Are you re-using any deco this year?

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