Monday, June 10, 2013

Porch Updates

The front porch finally got some much needed love last weekend...

While it isn't quite my "ideal" front porch, it has come a long way!

Front door circa Fall 2011, soon after move-in.

So far on the front porch I painted the front door (first red, then pink), changed out the seating, and created a custom round rug in our house colors.

Today T.J. installed a new light fixture (scroll down to see the terrible-bug-filled original one) and I made cushions for our little ice cream chairs. I spray painted them silver last summer.

Still to come...
I have a fox knocker I found at Anthropology I intend to install some day (I dreamed about getting one in this post). I would also love to paint the floor a clean concrete gray and maybe even paint the ceiling a nice light blue like they do in the South. Maybe even hang something 3D above the seating area. That blank siding is calling for something.

To the right is the original light fixture, which was cute enough, but hideous when it was filled with bugs.

So I had been on the lookout for a lantern type fixture but all the ones I had found were gold. I was a little hesitant to attempt spray painting one because I would have to tape off a ton of glass to make it work. Last week T.J. and I went to the local Restore and I had looked through the lanterns and passed them all up because they were gold. Then T.J. spotted this silver one! It was perfect - and marked for only $15. In the end we got an additional 20% off and bought it for $12. What a deal!

I think it looks like it had always belonged there to begin with! And it matches the new door hardware we installed. Next up on Hems & Haws: cushion tutorial. They are round and they are tufted!

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