Friday, June 7, 2013

Cupcakes & Flowers

On my recent trip to Washington, DC I visited a bakery called Sticky Fingers. It was nearly a life changing experience. I had looked at the cookbook on Amazon before, but after my visit I was sold and ordered it right away. I was actually a little bummed it was only sweets included in the book because their regular food was really good too. So far I have made the blueberry muffins which turned out pretty well, and now the classic vanilla cupcake with almond frosting.

The single cupcake above is on a wine glass turned upside down! Like its own mini pedestal. 


In other news, the yard is in bloom! I think these flowers are so beautiful but they only last a few days. Look at all the petals packed into each one. We had a rain storm last night that sort of beat them down, but they are still gorgeous.

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