Monday, June 3, 2013

Drum Shade!

About a month ago I set out on an Ikea trip to find a new light for my laundry room. I found the perfect light, but when I got it home, it was WAY too big. I overestimated the space in the laundry room. :-)

Luckily there was another great spot to put the sunny yellow drum shade: in my sunny yellow kitchen! And I would finally be rid of the hideous fan that has been plaguing my existence for nearly 2 years (check out that basket weave on the blades). T.J.'s dad came down to help install this one.

It was pretty straight forward, the only trick was the Ikea light kit has a plug on the end, so Tim had to cut that off and expose the wires for the ceiling attachment. The drum shade was around $25 and the light kit was $5. I also bought the white cap to go against the ceiling at Menard's for about $2. I am a little worried about the shade getting dusty, but at only $25 I may just replace it when we go to sell the house.

Drum shade and light kit from Ikea.

Here is what we started with. Unbelievably bad!

Tim & Sam hard at work on the fan switch.

Windowsill shot just for fun - I found the cow salt and pepper shakers recently in DC. 

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