Sunday, February 26, 2012

Closet Love

Back in November I picked up an interesting chandelier while thrifting with my sister. It was gold metal and had a milk-glass middle section. It was unique and cool (not to mention $4) so even though I had no where to put it, I snatched it up. It also had hideous glass lamp covers which I actually gave back to the thrift store people right at the counter.

Here I have the milk glass taped off.
Then it dawned on me. Obviously I need a chandelier in my closet! I was currently dealing with an awful florescent light strip - like the kind you sit under all day at school - which took a minute to warm up which drove me BONKERS. A chandelier was just what I needed. So predictably, I went with pink. And then went over the top with it and added glitter. Check out the process below - I got to spray paint in my sister's Dexter-esque kill room in her garage where she uses her paint sprayer to refinish furniture (she was painting the chandelier on the left for her office).

Milk glass revealed
 This chandelier also takes unusual fat bottomed bulbs. I think you can see this best in the picture above.

I used Martha Stewart glitter paint (also seen here) to add glitter on top of my spray paint job. It surprisingly stands out pretty well.

So about a month passed - and the glittery chandelier sat in a bag in my closet waiting to go up. I had an adorable pink rug, the perfect size for my closet, under the tree for Christmas (I may have done some of my husband's shopping for him) to complete the look. Or at least make a start at completing the look. I have big plans for new shelving in the future.

So after 2 more months... I finally convinced my husband to put up my chandelier as part of my Valentine's day present. I do feel like I should give him some credit here since we already have 3 chandeliers in the house - one of which he hung by himself (check them out here and here). I love it. It might be hanging a little low depending on how my re-shelving plan goes, but we can always shorten the chain. I also see some dangly beads or crystals in the future.

This picture is more true to color:

An awkward attempt to get the rug and the chandelier in the same shot:

I have also been working on another chandelier related project (my biggest yet) with my dad... details to come in a few days!


Anonymous said...

So So So pinkalishously cute! Love the milk glass! I actually had forgot all about it!!!!

aedb said...


Ashley said...

I love the glitter! My kind of project.

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