Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cross Stitch Family

A couple months ago Martha featured a cross-stitch family craft project and it was adorable (check it out online here). It was one of those projects that I tear out and file away with intentions of attempting it someday. Well when I got to my sisters last weekend she had started one! She was half done (just the kids) and it was the cutest darn thing I'd ever seen. I decided there was no time like the present and had her show me how to get started. We used grid paper to draw out our caricatures first.

My nieces as cross stitch people.
Then we got started. (Check out that Martha site above for directions) It took me the whole super bowl plus another couple episodes of The Office and 30 Rock to finish. It is time consuming but worth every minute. I love the way mine turned out. They are just so... us!

In Progress - 1 dog, TJ has no mouth or eyes!

Here's how my sisters turned out (complete with my brother in-law's suit and my sister's flip flops):

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Anonymous said...

So cute! How lucky you are to have such a talented, creative sister!

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