Thursday, February 16, 2012

Monogram Doormat - Part 2

About a month ago I posted about a monogram doormat my sister made for around $3. I am now the proud owner of one too!

Such an easy and inexpensive project to make. You do need a large set of letter stencils and a smaller set of letters and numbers, but letter and number stencils are a worthwhile investment.  I first laid out all my stencils and decided where they should go on the doormat.

Then I got started. Using paint is the fun part. We used folkart craft paint available at Joann's or Michaels. I did yellow to match my house. My sister made one for my mom too and used bright green. For a stenciling tutorial click here.

I used a blow dryer to speed up the drying process since you have to wait for each letter or number to dry before you can put down a different stencil next to it.

Almost done! One last step: Adding the border. I just eyeballed this part and put down painters tape to keep a sharp line.

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Susie Jane said...

What a great idea and something that everyone would love to have! Thanks for the pics. I'll definitely make some now. You can follow my blog at

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