Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Organized & Sophistated Sewing Room

The title should read organized and more sophisticated sewing room because despite the changes, I still have a bright pink table and chandelier. But as I am headed toward the dreaded 25th birthday and I finally had a false sense of some extra time on my hands last month, T.J. and I embarked on a big house project ripping up carpet and putting down new flooring in the sewing room, man cave, and guest bathroom. And of course, while the flooring was up I thought I had better paint the trim and doors, which lead to painting and reorganizing the sewing room.

I finally got around to organizing my fabric using comic book cards (see this post for details) like I had intended to do at least a year ago when my sister gave them to me!
Here is the nitty gritty before shot. I made myself live like this until I took the time to properly organize the fabric:

 And after:

 I also got around to making new curtains. The old ones were driving me a little mad with their circus-like dots and ruffles (see them here), although I do still love the fabric. Love/hate maybe. This new fabric is a linen-like print I bought a few years ago in Columbia, SC. I originally intended to make a dress with a pretty full skirt so I bought a lot of it - enough for full length curtains apparently. If I remember correctly this is the most I have ever spent on one piece of fabric, something like $40! Which really isn't bad for curtains...

Unfortunately I don't have a paint color to report here - I did something I am sure is #1 in the DIY handbook not to do - I mixed a bunch of grays + white + black that we had left over in the garage and hoped for the best! We had already spent a lot on the flooring and I really didn't want to go drop another $30 on a bucket of paint I knew I'd only use 1/2 of when I already had a bunch of grays in the garage. So I thought why not. What's the worst that could happen? I think it turned out okay although I won't ever be able to touch it up or replicate it and I ended up having just enough. It was very stressful when I thought I wouldn't be able to finish one of the walls and couldn't even go to the store to buy more. Yikes. Never again.

The organization process was honestly pretty time consuming which I think was made worse by my sitting on the floor to do the folding. If you can swing folding on your table that might be better. I was just enjoying the brand new floor! I refolded each piece of fabric and basically wrapped it around the comic book card (10 cents each). Pieces I thought were too big went in a different pile to be stored in the closet. I LOVE the way my fabric looks now. Much more inspiring and beautifully showcased. Now if only I had some time to play with it. 

One last thing... happy birthday to my mom today! 
Isn't she beautiful? I bet she made that vest herself too!

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