Monday, July 22, 2013

Coral Painting

I was in my mom's store a couple weeks ago and saw the most beautiful painting that would go perfectly in my bathroom. Unfortunately it was one of her student's paintings! But I talked my mom into painting me one too. And so now I am the proud owner of this beauty:

 Isn't it pretty? I guess the flower is inspired from her student's bedspread (kind of like the dresser painting I did to match my blanket). The color is perfect to match my shower curtain and pops against the gray and white stripes.

The painting is hanging directly across from the shower curtain.

Thanks mom! :-) See more of her work on her store's Facebook page: Ruthie's Paint and Yarn Shoppe


Jshort1599 said...

Love love love this shower curtain! Where did you get it?

EADH said...

I made it! The fabric is from Mood in NYC. See this post for details:

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