Friday, January 18, 2013

The Cadillac of Dog Bowls

Today I took my grocery shopping to the other side of the river to Target. Target is the best place to buy groceries because there is a ton of other things to look at. Most efficient? No. Most inexpensive? No. But definitely the most fun.

I had been curious about the Neiman Marcus at Target collection since seeing the commercials on TV. When I got there to check it out in December I was shocked. $140 for a blazer? No one at Target is going to pay that. I'm not sure if anyone ever did, but I do know that they had a ton of the items left after Christmas. The day after Christmas my mom and I went to Target to stock up on ornaments and lights for next year. That day the Neiman Marcus collection was 50% off. I thought it would be worth another look at that price. I fell in love with these Oscar de la Renta dog bowls but could not bear the $30 price tag it would cost me to buy two (originally $60!). Maybe if I needed them, but I had a perfectly good and cute set at home. But today, when the big 70% off clearance sign was above the shelf they were sitting on I could not hold out any longer.

I imagine I will have these dog bowls forever! They are gorgeous. Worth every penny of the $18 I ended up spending on them. They are even dishwasher safe. And now when I walk into my kitchen I will look down at them and know that my fancy dogs are eating and drinking from Oscar de la Renta bowls. They have such a cush life! I wonder if she thinks her food tastes better out of such a luxury dish. :-)


Ashley said...

I love this! We don't have a dog yet, but hope to this summer. I was so tempted to buy these when I saw them last month, but I told myself Jacob would judge me if I did, haha. I'm glad your little loves can live in luxury!

Anonymous said...

The bowls are awesome! Although I got you beat on the price, I found a set at our local Dirt Cheap for $3 each!!!

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