Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Running Skirt

I have recently taken up running. One thing that I did not know about running before I started was that there is a whole lot of to-do about races. Including... costumes! Which is something I can get into, especially if I can make my own! (Costumes might be my husband's least favorite part about running... have you seen his running blog yet? It is pretty darn good.)
I made my first running costume for a race I felt pretty safe wearing a costume in... a Halloween 5k. Since then I have worn a few more. Most recently my sister and I wore running skirts in a New Year's Day Resolution Run in Nashville, TN. I was presented with the challenge of making us some sparkly, new year's inspired skirts. My sister found the fabric at Joann's - they have it in tons of colors and it is pretty cheap. I had come across a website that sells running skirts, Team Sparkle, which seem to be pretty popular and work well for running. I decided to follow their lead and make a similar skirt.

I ended up making two different sizes because my sister is teeny, but the pattern was pretty easy to come up with. I cut the elastic to fit my waist, then added 4 inches for the yoke. I sewed that onto the elastic, then cut out the ruffly part. I ended up using the length of the fabric I cut - 55 inches, and gathered it to fit. I sewed the gathered part to the outside of the yoke - something I was nervous about doing because the raw edge would show - but I love the way it turned out. Like a bonus ruffle!

Overall, the race was a huge success, my husband took 3rd, my sister and brother in-law both took 2nd in their age groups. Me? Well, I looked pretty darn cute in my running skirt and that is good enough for me!

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Katie said...

Love it.....we need one in every color! This should also be a guest blog on TJ's running blog....for sure!

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