Monday, January 21, 2013

Nesting Tables

I purchased a set of 3 nesting tables at my Goodwill about a year ago. They have alternatively been sitting in the garage or being used for impromptu tables in the mancave ever since. When I put out the Christmas decorations this year I had to move some things around, so the littlest one got pulled out and used as a plant stand. I loved how it looked! The tables are cute and have really nice lines. I especially love that the smallest one is square (the larger ones that fit on top of it are rectangle). I paid less than $10 for the set of 3.

The table was originally a dark wood color, which I liked, but didn't fit in very well in the light and airy white living room. Now that it is white I like it even better. I was able to spray paint during the winter - which is a rarity and a real treat - a couple weekends ago when it was unseasonably warm. I also worked in an outdoor run with my man (read about it here on his running blog).

The wavy edges on top compliment the wavy bottom of the hutch. 

The fate of the other 2 is unknown, but when I bought them I imagined they would be really cute painted three different bright colors. When time and space allow, we will see!

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