Monday, December 10, 2012

Woodland Creature Christmas

This Christmas I let Martha and Target inspire me. 

First, I I found these adorable reindeer ornaments at Target and decided I would do a gray and red Christmas this year. (Silhouette pillow tutorial here)

Then I saw Martha's spread on her Woodland Christmas
...and it all came together.

I made these felt animal cutouts using the templates on Martha's website. I added a few of my own too, including the fox and the moose by simply searching "fox silhouette" on google and scaling it to size in Word. 

I had to give the below ornaments a shout out too, since my dogs are my real-life Christmas creatures.  My sister and family made these of each of our dogs after we ate Thanksgiving dinner. Eclectic, yes, adorable, yes!

Here's the rest of the deco... can you spot the creatures hiding throughout?

Applique Moose Pillow

 Top shelf: Woodland creature ornament from Michaels. Middle shelf: Reindeer jar (tutorial here).

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