Friday, December 14, 2012

Put a Bird on it Christmas Cards

Is "put a bird on it" dead yet? I hope not. I still love putting birds on anything, but I hear foxes might be next. :-) In case you've been living under a rock, here is what I am talking about.

I was inspired by this idea on Better Homes and Garden's website, but made a few tweaks of my own. For example, I used felt to make the trim on the Santa hat, to add a little dimension. I also used flannel on some of the fabric wings so they were fuzzy. The cards were pretty straight forward to make... but they made a big mess. Check out the Christmas card making frenzy below. There are step by step directions on the BHG site if you are interested.

I even got T.J. to help with some of the gluing and cutting - and drawing on the eyes. The artwork you see in the eyes was all him. ;-)

I almost forgot to mention the best part - I made these cards for free! I just used what I had. But if I had needed to purchase the materials, I would estimate it would cost less than $5 for the whole set (I made about 25). You just need a pack of white, green, and red paper (around $3), 1 sheet of white felt (30 cents), fabric for the wings (less than 1/4 of a yard), and a marker!

Who doesn't love a good Christmas bird?

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