Friday, February 1, 2013

Pop Some Tags - Thrift Shop Challenge

This past Monday I trekked in the rain and the fog to my local Goodwill to participate in Young House Love's genius, Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge. Since their post last Friday this song has become my theme song! If you haven't heard it yet, check it out here.

First I had to drop off my load of donations. I keep a super cute tote bag my sister made me that says "Give" in the laundry room and it collects Goodwill donations for weeks or months at a time. I just grab it on my way out the door. Anyway - when I rolled up to the donations door I of course had the Thrift Shop song playing. Much to my pleasure, the donations guy was totally into it! He was laughing and made a comment about the song. Which made the whole trip worth it. While I didn't find too much of anything wonderful inside on this trip, I did find some house slippers as mentioned in the song.

Whenever I see a whole bunch of something like this at a place like Goodwill I imagine some crazy woman that stocked up on 30 pairs of something silly like slippers - and her husband made her donate them all to Goodwill. More likely a store donated them, but it is funny to imagine!

Since I do not have any thrifting spoils to show off from this week, I thought this would be a good opportunity to pay homage to all the wonderful things I have found at thrift stores since I started seriously thrifting back in June of 2011. My husband tells me that it has become a hip thing for kids these days to do - so I guess all us DIYers better watch out!

So here are a few of the before and afters of my junk turned treasure. Click the pictures to see the posts about them.



Abby Wilkinson said...

Girl you have done some awesome stuff! Way to go!

Delphine said...

Very inspiring upgrades. I like them very much !

Anonymous said...

Lovely before and afters. I especially love that frame!

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