Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dog Bandanas

Before our annual family trip up north I whipped up some dog bandanas for my two dogs and my mom's dog so they could get in on the matching fun we all get to experience. Yes, we are a family that wears matching shirts on vacation. In case you missed last year's shirts, check it out here.

They were super easy and fun to make. They are better than your average bandana because they slip onto the collar so you don't have to tie them around the dog's neck. I always struggle with tying some of the fur into my knot.

The pictures really tell the story best:

I added a monogram with fabric paint to Ella's bandana. 

And when they get dirty, just slip them off the collar and throw them in the washing machine. Easy and cute!

I couldn't leave you without a shot of this year's vacation shirts:

Can anyone guess where this quote came from?
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