About Me

Hi! I am so glad you are here checking out my blog, "Hems and Haws".
Created out of a moment of sheer panic that I wouldn't be doing much more writing in my life (which turned out to be extremely untrue as you will come to find out), I created this blog to write out my thoughts on the world all while expressing my creativity through DIY projects.I come from a pretty crafty family -  my mom taught Home Economics for 30 years (she taught middle schoolers to sew, bless her heart :-)) and taught me everything I know, and she now has an arts and crafts store in Vicksburg, MI. My sister has a booth at a flea market in Lansing, MI full of handpainted and repurposed furniture and loads of cool vintage finds. My dad and husband are both extremely handy at building things too, not to mention the many talents of my extended family members! So, surrounded by an undying force of talent and inspiration, I love to create things. Even more, I love to share them with you and hope that you might want to create things along with me.

In July 2011, almost exactly on our 1 year wedding anniversary and right after I started this blog, my husband and I moved into our first house (check it out here) in central Indiana so that I could continue graduate school. I study and teach Communication at an amazing school (and do a heck of a lot of writing outside of this blog).

It was such an amazing experience finally having a place where I could paint the walls and change anything I wanted to, whenever I wanted to! We moved from Indiana to Utah in 2015. Selling our house in Indiana was a bit of an emotional experience but we were excited to move into a bigger house (read: more and bigger projects) in a totally different part of the country. We had a lot of good feedback on the Indiana house when showing it and the new owners even requested I leave my "bathroom mirrors" and white chandelier when we sold!

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