Friday, May 31, 2013

New Light and Bonus Birdfeeder

A couple of weeks ago T.J. and I were at Menard's dreaming about buying a new porch light when we spotted a box with super cute white sconces in it marked down on clearance for $12. Great deal! The only problem was that we really didn't need 2 - we only have one sconce light in the backyard. So T.J. got creative and made a little something else out of the second light.

The original (offensive) sconce.

Bonus project: birdfeeder!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chandeliers of DC

I recently spent two and half weeks in Washington, DC. They don't mess around with their chandeliers in that city. They were breathtaking and I must have taken a million photos of them. I used to think the chandelier in my kitchen was big... I was wrong. See the highlights and what building they were in below:

First up: Chandeliers of the Capitol

This chandelier is in one of Speaker Boehner's conference rooms.

Another conference room in the Capitol - this room is for one of the committees.
These two win "most beautiful."

Chandelier in the original Senate

Next: Chandelier in the Mayflower Hotel

And: Chandelier in a meeting room at the Supreme Court

Notice the star shaped crystals on this one
 Next: Chandeliers in the State Department Reception Rooms

This Reception Room was set up for a diplomatic dinner.

Chandeliers in the National Gallery of Art

So this one isn't a chandelier -
but it hangs from the ceiling and it was pretty impressive!

And Finally: Chandeliers in DC Restaurants

Pizza Pi and Beer Chandeliers

Chart House bubble chandeliers in Old Town Alexandria, VA

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Raised Garden Box

T.J. and I have been hard at work on the outside of our house, something that has been pretty ignored that past few years. In the last week T.J. has weeded, raked, mulched, trimmed, cleaned the siding, and I have planted flowers and veggies and helped a little with weeding. :-) But... he also built me a garden box. So while this Pinterest challenge isn't my project exactly, I did help design it and T.J. made it come to life.


As always, I was excited to see the Pinterest spring challenge hosted by Young House Love, Bower Power, Red Bird Blue and Sparkle Meets Pop. A raised bed has been on my wish list since the pesky bunnies ate my flowers and strawberries last year. I can't stay mad at them, but it is frustrating.

Pinterest has lots of cool raised bed ideas. I really dig these pink raised beds, and these taller beds. My sister has an awesome garden which I blogged about here, and her garden was an inspiration as well.

T.J. made the box out of 4x4s and 2x6s. A good chunk of the wood was left over from other projects, so we ended up only spending about $40. The most surprising expense was how much dirt it took to fill it when it was done.

These are the seedlings I started early this spring indoors. They look sort of dead here, but they aren't, it's just day 1 in the dirt. :-) I planted brussel sprouts, broccoli, green peppers, and zucchini in here.

Doesn't this scene look inviting?

I also planted quite a few flowers today. I filled these 4 patio pots and planted in the window box under our bedroom window.

The idea is that a tall raised bed will offer a little privacy on the patio. I am sure I planted the veggies a little close together because I grew so many seedlings, but this raised bed will be a nice safe place for them to grow in addition to our corner garden from last year. Updates to come!
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