Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inspiration Station

A couple months ago I picked up a hid-e-odious bright yellow dresser at at Goodwill in Michigan. It has finally found its way down to Indiana, and has been living in the garage waiting for me to have some time to work on it. Well, I am almost ready. In the meantime I have been gathering inspiration for how I should paint it, because at this point, just painting a piece of furniture seems kind of boring. :-) The dresser will go in the master bedroom which has gray walls and black and white accents (and 1 hot pink pillow on the bed). Also, it will have to go in T.J.'s closet, but the doors are always open, so it is worth making it look nice. So far I am playing with the idea of stripes (like in the picture above - from here) and painting giant flowers on the front (like the pictures below). What do you all think?

The picture above (from here) has been on my fridge for a month - not sure it is manly enough for TJ's closet though...

     And I have always loved the look of this ombre dresser, below (from here). I wonder if I could ombre and paint a design on the dresser... hmm. 

How fun is this ombre waves dresser (from here)? 
I want to know how they got a dresser out onto the beach!

Only time will tell what my bright yellow dresser will become. I will keep you updated! Which of these plans do you think look prettiest/doable?

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