Sunday, April 15, 2012

His & Hers

Last Monday was my favorite man's birthday, and he scored a pretty sweet stash of gifts this year. I couldn't even wait til the day of his birthday to give him my gifts - look for "how to hang a hammock when you only have one tree" and "glamping" posts coming soon. One of his presents even inspired this post.

Back in November, T.J. and I team built some awesome custom shelves for our bedroom. Need a reminder? Check them out here. In case you are too lazy to look there... this is what they looked like last time you all saw them.

Pretty plain Jane huh? Well since then, they have gone through a few different stages of what-will-we put-on-the-shelves. I instantly filled them with a lot of books and photo albums, for which I was scolded and told they would warp. So I have scaled back, and with the last piece of the puzzle in place (T.J.'s gift from my sister) I am ready to reveal the shelf styling. One his and one hers. Are you ready??


This cute (and clever) little sign was one of the gifts my sister sent T.J. for his birthday.

T.J.'s side has his fly fishing net, a DNR hat from his days at the fish hatchery, and a bunch of outdoorsy books. I love that our wedding picture is up there too, and our two wedding photo albums.

And my side of the room...

This is my small beginning collection of "The Family Creative Workshop" books - a series put out in the 70s full of every craft you can think of. They are fun to hunt for at thrift stores. Speaking of thrift stores... my sister found these pink dog beauties at her Mega Mall - and they were the most hideous things ever (I know their pink version might be hard to love for some people - but I am obsessed). When she bought them they were multi-colored. I can't even describe it. Someday I will find a picture of what they used to look like and post it, but for now, take my word on it. They were gross. Nothing a little spray paint can't fix though! I also have some pink decanters, photo albums, and the bound copy of my master's thesis on my side.

And in honor of T.J.'s birthday, I have one more picture for you. This is a picture with one of his favorite presents... his new yellow kayak.

This is what true love feels like because yuck! I hate fish. But I am proud of my man and his fishing skills. I must also say that right after the pic T.J. threw the fish back... we are fish lovers around here, not fish eaters!

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Anonymous said...

Cute, cute Cute post....I am glad you like the Forest Ranger sign! I pictured it in the man cave, but am liking it on "His" shelf" even more!

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