Friday, April 13, 2012

Colorful Milk Glass

My sister sent me this project she did recently to make her own milk glass vases. Very cool! I think the seafoamy green looks perfect with the rest of her house - especially the mermaid-beachy decor!

She found the directions on the Home Made Simple website - you can find the easy tutorial here (although hers turned out even cuter than theirs!).
First, pick a few vases - they can be found for $1 or less at any Goodwill. Then, choose your color - she used Martha Stewart paint (as you can see a few pictures below) and filled each vase with a good amount. The she tipped them upside down and swirled the color to cover the whole inside surface as it dripped out. Notice she held the vases back over the paint can so the excess paint would all be saved and could be reused for the next vase! She is one smart cookie.

Here they are up on a shelf with other clear vases. I think they look beautiful! She let them dry upside down for a few hours, then flipped them and they were ready to set out. I wonder how this would turn out in pink? :-)

How do you all feel about milk glass? I know one thing is for sure, it is even better in color!

1 comment:

Anonymous said... should try pink for sure!

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