Monday, January 27, 2014

Painted Ukulele!

Meet my ukulele.... pretty standard right?


I decided I needed a ukulele while at a music store recently. I was attending my nieces' Christmas performance (flute, singing, and trumpet - they are multi-talented). I thought, what better way to work my brain in a different way than I usually do! The only problem was I didn't want a pink one (too baby pink) but I couldn't stand to have a boring old wood one. So I personalized it! I look at painted ukuleles online and they are all so beautiful. Here are some of my favorites: polka dots, more dots, and Hawaii. I decided on painting only the back so the color would be a fun little surprise. Maybe someday I will do the front too.

It took a little liquid courage to take the sand paper to the perfectly smooth back of the ukulele but it was worth the risk. Here was my process:

I started with a lavender ombre and drew the flower design on before I painted it. The inspiration is from this fabric (here) which happens to be the fabric of the very first set of napkins I sold on Etsy! To finish it off I sprayed it down with a glossy sealer - Krylon Crystal Clear. It isn't as smooth as the original finish but it has a nice shiny look and shouldn't ever chip off.

I will leave you with a little family band photo...

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