Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chandeliers of DC

I recently spent two and half weeks in Washington, DC. They don't mess around with their chandeliers in that city. They were breathtaking and I must have taken a million photos of them. I used to think the chandelier in my kitchen was big... I was wrong. See the highlights and what building they were in below:

First up: Chandeliers of the Capitol

This chandelier is in one of Speaker Boehner's conference rooms.

Another conference room in the Capitol - this room is for one of the committees.
These two win "most beautiful."

Chandelier in the original Senate

Next: Chandelier in the Mayflower Hotel

And: Chandelier in a meeting room at the Supreme Court

Notice the star shaped crystals on this one
 Next: Chandeliers in the State Department Reception Rooms

This Reception Room was set up for a diplomatic dinner.

Chandeliers in the National Gallery of Art

So this one isn't a chandelier -
but it hangs from the ceiling and it was pretty impressive!

And Finally: Chandeliers in DC Restaurants

Pizza Pi and Beer Chandeliers

Chart House bubble chandeliers in Old Town Alexandria, VA

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