Friday, November 2, 2012

Teal Polka Dot Minnie Skirt

This week I was inspired. Specifically by this. I stumbled across this skirt on Etsy and it looked so easy to make! I love how it is so poofy because of the stiffer fabric. It reminds me of Anna James' general look over on Fash Boulevard.

Turns out - it was super easy to make. When I noticed that the skirt on Etsy was elastic in the back I was sold - easy, adorable, AND comfortable?!? So I got to work. I used a pencil skirt I already owned to measure how big the yoke in the front should be, then I just sort of eyeballed it from there. I made careful notes so I could reconstruct this pattern again.

I love when I make up my own pattern and it actually works. It makes me feel like I am almost a designer. :-)

So I started with the yoke in the front. I interfaced it so it would stay stiff because the elastic in the back is the opposite of stiff.

Then I gathered the main front piece of the skirt. I eventually decided to add pockets to the front and back pieces as well. Pockets are a breeze to add as long as you aren't dealing with a side zipper. The front yoke has two pieces back to back so I could fold it over and hide my gathered seam.

I cut the back piece a couple inches taller so I could just fold down the fabric to make a casing for the elastic. The last step was just to combine the front and back pieces and hem the bottom. Super easy!

One of my students pointed out today that the skirt is very Minnie Mouse-esque. 
Maybe next Halloween I can go as a teal Minnie!

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Fashion Memos said...

love that:):*

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