Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hutch Updates and Fall Decor

I found this hutch way back at the beginning of garage sale season. It was a score at only $35 and I hauled it home in 2 trips in my Mustang. It was a sight to see.

Nearly 6 months later I have finally made some progress. My sister is coming to visit next weekend and sometimes that is what it takes to finally get me moving on my projects. I finished the bottom half for the wine and cheese party about a month ago and now the top is half done. I still have to finish the doors and attach them, but for now I am happy with what I've got. Check it out below.

Starting with the big change, before on the left, after on the right:

More in progress shots:

When I took the back off the hutch to start painting I was pretty shocked to find out that the mirror on the back was actually 3 mirrors! It gave me piece of mind about the possibility of accidentally cracking/shattering one.

This was the fall deco look before I finished the top:

And the (almost) final product:




Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I cannot believe how big that little plant got! The hutch looks great! Cannot wait to see it in person!

Kaitlyn said...

Looks great! Did you have to sand down the original piece at all before you painted? I love how dramatic the change is!

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