Friday, April 1, 2011


I have been a "blogger" for two years now... since I moved to South Carolina for graduate school, but I have never blogged about my thoughts and opinions, the topics for which blogs were created and are most used. This new blog will serve as a place for me to bounce off ideas and topics of interest. I am so afraid after I graduate in May (just over a month!) my brain will become dormant and rusty from lack of use. My two years in graduate school have widened my horizons and I have been thinking about things I would have never thought about without classes like Gender and Communication and International Communication. I have grown and become more sophisticated and hope with this blog I will continue to grow, even without the classroom setting. I chose the name Hems & Haws because of two of my passions, communicating and creating. I have been creating clothing for 6 years now and have been sewing for 20. I hope to incorporate my passion for creating with my passion for more intellectual subjects like gender equality and world affairs. Enjoy!

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